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    @ywright Hey Yolanda, we are glad you are here. Join our private FB group, Bossprenue Business Circle Paid members only

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    @cledragrossgmail-com Hi Cledra!! Got your video as my Accelerate Coach and I'm excited to partner with you. Will we have regular Accelerate call as a group? Wondering what our format will look like as I execute and grow to the next level of BBC Membership. Chat soon!

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    @crleyedocjuno-com Welcome to the BBC Dr. Carla!

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    @usourcemegmail-com Welcome to the CIRCLE! Jump right in and start connecting

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    @audrey-hinescomcast-net Thank you for your friend request. I took a minute to review your website and would love an opportunity to speak with you. Based on the focus of your company, I believe there is an opportunity for us to collaborate. What are your thoughts?

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    @alyciaalyciahuston-com Welcome @alyciaalyciahuston-com to the BBC!

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    @radiantlivingbizgmail-com Good to see you here - you may not remember me, we were both in Internet Income :). Your little one is SO BIG now, wow.

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    @tycarthrongmail-com Welcome to the circle Teresa. Glad to see you will be heading up a chapter in Gwinnett. I live in Hall County so this would be closer for me to come meet ups and events. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Looking forward to working withyou.

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    @misscambridgegwbc-biz Welcome to The Circlr, Nicole.

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Audrey Hines

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