Every business owner needs a coach.


There are so many facets of business and we ALL need help on our journey both professionally and personally. As the founder of BBC, I could not have grown a successful business without coaches to help me. I've been fearful of coaches, and doubtful it would help. I've also hired a couple of coaches that did not deliver what they promised, and I've had coaches who elevated my skills which elevated my business. I learned to vet my coaches better and to keep a coach for growth because you CANNOT be successful in business without getting help along the way. No one can. Why learn in two years what a coach can help you with in three to six months?


Coach from anywhere in the world. You can become one of our featured coaches and help women all over the world. Grow your clients and improve the lives of women business owners by guiding them through your structured and proven coaching program. We refer our coaches when our members and non-members have needs to help elevate their coaching clients. Become a featured coach with access to coaching our members.


We have coaches available for our members to receive one free coaching session. Non-members can contact and schedule a consultation with a coach to see if it's a good fit and work directly with the coach. Find the coach you need in our markeplace by seaching for they type of coach you need. You can also rate any coach you work with on their coaching profile. We expect featured coaches to deliver excellent service.

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