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    This level is for women who are interested in being in business full time and need to learn the basics of starting, building and growing a business as a first-time business owner. You might have several ideas but not sure which one to execute as a business. In this level, you have not officially launched your business, but you might have been doing the business for some time. Your business might not have a business license, or you have one without utilizing it.


    • Corporate Exit Strategy (for those who are not full-time entrepreneurs)
    • Business plan outline
    • Product/Service Clarity
    • Target Market Identification
    • Network of Peers



    This level is for women who have launched a business but struggling to make consistent revenue. You might be making money but not profit, or you could be making a profit but not enough to live without worry of the next check. You need support getting to your target market and clearly identifying your ideal client. You need marketing or branding that grows your business. You need to improve your pitching skills. You need a proven system and a strategy to generate consistent revenue. You are very hands-on in every aspect of your business and doing a high percentage, if not all the work. You are not positioned in the marketplace as an expert in your field.


    • Growth strategies
    • Target market optimization
    • Marketing and brand strategy
    • Feedback on organization structure/business model
    • Social Media strategy to build community
    • Network of peers



    This level is for women who have experienced success in business and consistent revenue. You are not stressing about revenue, but you are focused on building a stronger business model generates more revenue. You have a good network but need to expand and elevate it. At this level, you are looking at scaling your business for long-term consistent growth because you are clear on what you offer and who you serve. You are seen as an expert in your industry. You have a strong brand and good marketing. You delegate work, so you can focus on growing your business as the CEO and moving away from working in your business as an employee. You want to partner and collaborate for growth at your success level and higher.


    • Tool/tips for selecting a team
    • A strategic plan for scaling the business
    • Recommendations for conferences/ events to further grow your network
    • Discussions about the benefits of scaling
    • Scaling do’s and don’ts
    • Mission refinement/reinvention
    • Network of peers



    This level is for women who have grown a successful business financially but need leadership development and training. You have a steady stream of income long term. Your business is financially sound. You need to improve the skills of your team to get better results. You are looking for ways to rejuvenate and refresh YOU, so that you can keep pushing forward. You are looking for innovative ideas for your business. You want to network and partner with successful affluent and influential women that can stretch your thinking. You are seen as an influencer. You are well connected in your community and industry. You want to pour your knowledge and wisdom into others. At this level, you are focused on being the CEO.


    • Team assessment tools
    • Skills gap analysis for self, leaders and team members
    • Suggested training resources
    • Recommendations for conferences/ events to further grow your skills as a leader, people developer and entrepreneur
    • Opportunity to mentor and grow other entrepreneurs
    • Opportunity to network with up and coming entrepreneurs and potentially invest/partner with developing businesses/brands
    • Network of peers


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