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Her story

When Becky was 25, she attended a workshop that her company required her to attend. The facilitator was awesome. She was mesmerized by how great the facilitator/trainer was. The facilitator was inspiring, motivating and she told great stories that kept everyone engaged in a full day workshop. After watching her, Becky knew it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, to inspire and motivate people to learn something that would make their lives better.

Becky researched and registered to attend the Dale Carnegie Speaking Course. As a single parent at thetime, it was expensive, but she pulled the money together. She competed with other students in the class and consistently excelled. The instructor pulled her aside and told her that she should pursue public speaking as a career. While still working a full time job, she started sending out flyers promoting herself a motivation speaker. She named her business, Motivation on the Move. (It wasn't registered.)

Defining Moment

After sending out over a hundred flyers, Becky got a call from the Dallas County Commissioners Office (John Wiley Price) to be their keynote speaker for an upcoming political gala.

Long story short, She got so scared that she didn't have what it would take, that I called and told them that I had an engagement on the same night and could not do it. She let her negative thoughts consume her so much that she believed she would fail.

Her fear paralyzed her and she allowed it to steal her dream. She then threw herself into her job and the company for 20 years.

Corporate Training

Becky started with Luxottica (largest optical company in the world) as an assistant manager and in 15 years GREW her way to the position of Regional Vice President, responsible for over 200 locations in the South with over 50 million in sales revenue. Having great mentors and leaders who challenged her and believed in her played a part in her GROWTH. But, her ability to stretch herself beyond what she thought possible was the real secret sauce. Becky figured out through experience and research, behaviors that successful people use that excel their career and their business. She tested these behaviors, improved and implemented those behaviors and experienced the same success over and over. After being given responsibility for corporate and franchise locations, Becky learned how to work with and help entrepreneurs (Franchisee's) Becky took responsibility for her GROWTH and the GROWTH and development of her team and franchisees, which always resulted in a promotion. Becky learned the art of helping ordinary individuals obtain extraordinary results over and over again using her leadership growth accelerator system. Corporate America, helped her to gain confidence in herself and it also helped her to develop skills she didn't realized she had.

The Awakening

Becky strategically planned her exit strategy for three years and decided to package what she'd learned that helped thousands of employees working at fortune 500 company, and help women entrepreneur grow successful businesses. But she was scared to take the leap until a near death experience changed the game.

Near DEATH to New LIFE. "If you don't know my STORY, you can't understand His GLORY. After being rushed to the hospital Jan 3, 2012 from a surgery 6 days earlier, Dec 29, 2011 to find out that I had been hemorrhagingfor 6 days. I fainted, my veins had collapsed, I lost my color and became white as a sheet. Then I heard the doctor say," " Let's get her in surgeryNOW to find out where the blood is coming from or we're going to lose her, STAT."

This was my AWAKENING to live fully and use my gifts to CHANGE the world, one person at a time. Today is not promised so LIVE NOW!

Small Business Owner

Becky started her coaching and consulting company MVPwork LLC in 2012. She is known as the “Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon” for her straight-forward coaching skills that develop women into well-rounded business owners. She is the founder of the Bosspreneur® Business Circle a membership community for Black Women Entrepreneurs who are course creators who want to take the guesswork out of generating 5 figure monthly revenue with their digital product, so they can work less.

She is an international small business and empowerment speaker and she's a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council, six-year premier entrepreneur coach for Odyssey Media Company, executive coach for Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit and 5-year national spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company's women 5 by 20 entrepreneur initiative. Becky is one of the most in-demand experts for small business and leadership.

She's been featured on ABC, FOX, Forbes, Essence, Black Enterprise, Associated Press, and Huffington Post. She is a sought-after speaker and the author of seven books.

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